Joint Conquest Training Program

While our nation observes the 14th anniversary of 9/11, an intense training exercise has been launched right here in South Mississippi.
The Air Force Reserve, Mississippi Air National Guard and the Army National Guard have teamed up for “Joint Conquest”, a three day training program at Keesler Air Force Base and at the Seabee Base in Gulfport.
History was made today at Keesler Air Force Base, where, for the first time, airmen joined forces with the Mississippi Air National Guard and Army National Guard for a joint training scenario. Military members from each unit spent this morning measuring and inspecting three different vehicles in preparation for tomorrow’s aircraft loading project. Sergeant Ricky Tyler, First Class United States Army, said, “This is our opportunity here on state side to figure out what we need to work on and maybe what they need to work on. Because the Air Force, they talk a certain way. The Army, we talk a certain way. The more times we come together like this, we can kind of understand each other’s languages whenever we do have to work together.”
Keesler officials say the vehicle inspection is essential to loading the aircrafts because if they get any measurements wrong, it could bring the plane down and put everyone in severe danger. “That is our job,” said Tyler, “to be able to go over there and fight and win our nation’s wars. The only way we can do that, if we do come together, is joint forces or even with other agencies out there as well. We have to be able to come together in those times like September 11th.”
The man behind this specialized training program, Master Sergeant Steve Martin, came up with the idea for “Joint Conquest” two years ago. He believes there couldn’t be a better time to see it all come together. “What a better day for this to come together than Patriot’s Day, or Patriot’s Weekend if you want to look at it and stretch it out that far. But to see these people get the chance to do this, to put together this training and the effort that went behind it, between the 890th, the 255th, 815th, 403rd, 41st APS, this is just tremendous,” said Sgt. Martin.
The “Joint Conquest” training will continue this weekend at both Keesler Air Force Base and the Gulfport CRTC.

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