Joe Spraggins reappointed as DMR executive director

Governor Tate Reeves was in Gulfport this afternoon to announce his pick to lead the Department of Marine Resources.

As Governor Tate Reeves continues to put together his executive team, he’s reappointed a familiar face to lead the Department of Marine Resources.

In front of Coast leaders, Reeves announced Joe Spraggins will continue to oversee the department he’s served as executive director of since December 2017. “His experience with the agency is unmatched, he knows what it takes to protect our coast, he knows what it takes to protect our wetlands, he knows what it takes to protect our marine life and everything else he has been tasked to conserve and utilize.”

Spraggins says he’s excited to continue in the role and work with the Reeves administration on many different things. “We’ve got 1.5 million in that we’re giving out in CARES Act and we’ve got 21.9 million we’re going to be able to give out as far as Bonnet Carre funds, and we also have the GOMESA projects.”

The director also appreciates the governor’s help during budget negotiations for the DMR earlier this year. “He basically found a way to keep that agency operating in July and August, and because of him and because of things we were able to continue to have the safety on the water and have the safety for seafood.”

The State Senate will still have to confirm Spraggins’ appointment when they reconvene early next year, but he remains confident as he looks ahead to the next few years. “They confirmed me the last time, and I hope I haven’t done anything to make them not want to confirm me again.”

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