Job seekers turn out for Express Employment Professionals drive-thru job fair in Biloxi

The demand for workers continues to rise as unemployment benefits get closer to being cut in the next few weeks.

Ocean Springs resident Elise Clark was one of more than one hundred job-seekers to roll in at the drive-thru job fair Monday put on by Express Employment Professionals in hopes of getting on the fast track to getting back on her feet and back into the work force. Simply put, Elise is ready to get back to work. “There’s nothing specific, just office work-temp, permanent – part-time, full-time, anything!”

This isn’t the first time around for the Biloxi-based employment service. Recruiter Sarah Saunders said, “This is our second publicized big job fair we’ve had since after COVID. First one was in April. We had more than 400 visitors in one day. This one’s a little bit slower, but we have more jobs now, so hopefully it picks up in a little bit.  We have over 125 companies right now on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, all the way to Stone County with open positions that they have immediate starts for. With 125 different companies, with at least two or three positions if not more at each, I know a few of the casinos, one casino in particular, has  30 open positions for this week, so ball park anywhere from 250 to 300 starting positions open this week.”

And this job fair could not come at a better time with increased demand for workers and with the supplemental $600 a week to unemployment set to expire at the end of July. “I think with COVID and all the CDC requirements for maintaining social distance, it was time to take a new outlook on applying for work. Right now though, I would recommend starting now before the supplemental income is over, that way you can be ahead of the game.”

That’s just one of the many driving forces of job-seekers like Elise Clark, who hopes to get on the payroll sooner rather than later. “Maybe today is my day! Be nice to follow up with this and say I got a job!”

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