Jeff Davis Elementary in process of changing name

Jeff Davis Elementary is still in the process of changing the name of the school.

Superintendent Marcus Boudreaux said in February there were internal conversations about changing the name to better represent the school. However, COVID halted the process, pushing action back until July.

In July, the school board had voted unanimously to change the name and Jeff Davis Elementary stakeholders and other faculty from Biloxi Public Schools suggested new and improved names that were finalized this month by a renaming committee. “Our goal is to create an environment that is representative of and inclusive of our entire student population. We have an extremely diverse population of students in Biloxi schools and we want to make sure that they are all properly represented. They were always telling us how much they loved Jeff Davis Elementary School and that they loved the staff, but they just didn’t feel like the name shared the same value that the school community lives each and every day.”

The committee will present the narrowed down names in November to the school board.

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