Jayne Mansfield’s history on the Coast

Once called a “threat to Marilyn Monroe,” Jayne Mansfield’s history is no stranger to South Mississippi.

The actress, often referred to as Hollywood’s Blonde Bombshell in the 1950s and 60s, died in a car accident on June 29th, 1967.

Mansfield had just finished up performances at the Gus Stevens Restaurant and Supper Club in Biloxi. Her team was scheduled for an event in New Orleans the following morning, but Mansfield’s car was involved in an accident on Highway 90 just past the Mississippi-Louisiana border.

Now over 50 years later, actor and writer Erik Liberman is working to retell Mansfield’s story in a new book.  “We’ve been reconstructing the events from that last week of her life and that last night of her life. We’ve been speaking with police officers and their descendants and eyewitnesses who tried to rescue three of Jayne’s five children who were in the back of that car, all of whom survived.”

One of the children in the car was Mariska Hargitay of the well-known show ‘Law and Order.’

If you saw Mansfield during her time in South Mississippi or were involved in the events that took place on June 29th, 1967 you can tell your story by calling 213-375-8175.

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