Jackson County Voters Have Approved the Tourism Tax

Jackson County voters have approved a 2% tourism tax. Residents took to the polls today on the issue, which received an overwhelming support by voters. Roughly 71% were in favor versus 28, 89% against it.
The tax will be paid only by people staying in a hotel in Jackson County.
News 25’s Bryan Kennedy caught up with voters earlier today as the cast their ballots.
Donna Brown is no stranger to the tourism industry; she’s been the general manager of Gulf Hills Resort for 14 years. For months, she and the One Coast for Jackson County Committee have been pounding the pavement, telling Jackson County residents that voting in favor of the 2% tourism tax is a vote in favor of the community.
“What it means to the coast is Jackson County is now part of the larger picture. The One Coast, Mississippi Gulf Coast, which we have been trying to be for so many years, for so long,” said Brown.
This is a tax that Brown believes can boost economic growth throughout the county.
News 25 caught up with several voters today, most of whom were in favor of the tourism tax.
Jackson County resident Sheila Grieco said, “I think it’s good. We traveled a lot when my husband was alive and we always paid a tax on all the rooms that we rented and everything and our business. So, it’s a good thing for the county.”
While economic and tourism leaders tout the tax as a “win-win” for everyone, some voters still had questions: “I would like to see if they over collect the funds needed for the tourism. That was never spelled out,” said Quinn Chastant, a Jackson County resident.
“It’s the future of Jackson County. We’ve got so much to offer, so much to sell. And to be a part of it is great,” said Brown.

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