Jackson County Sheriff’s Race

Not even a year after winning the special election, Sheriff Mike Ezell is campaigning again, this time, for a full term as Jackson County’s sheriff. Running against him is Pascagoula police officer, Bob Cochran.
With only a day left, incumbent Sheriff Mike Ezell and Pascagoula Officer Bob Cochran hit the streets one last time, vying for the public’s vote in tomorrow’s election.
Sheriff Mike Ezell said, “We’ve been working hard. Getting out, trying to get our message out. You know, restore the public’s trust in the sheriff’s office.”
Sheriff Ezell has served in law enforcement for 35 years. His opponent, Bob Cochran, also has 30 years of service under his belt.
If elected, Cochran says his main responsibility would be a stronger connection to the community. “When you work together as a community, then you find out where the drugs are, you eradicate them, you find out where your trouble spots are, you eradicate them. You find out where the concerns are. You find out where your burglaries are going on.”
Ezell says the past months he has been in office, he’s focused on ridding Jackson County of crime and that is what he plans to continue to do. “We have been out there; we’ve put more officers out there on the street. We have reduced our response time. We are working hard to show the folks that we really want to get the neighborhood watch program off the ground.”
Both candidates agree the only way they can lead the county in the fight against crime is if the people of Jackson County come out and vote.

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