Jackson County School District virtual students return to campus

As announced on October 6th by the Jackson County School District, virtual students returned to in-class learning today.

According to Superintendent Dr. John Strycker about 1,000 students were out in the virtual learning program.

However, the vote for those students to return was due to approximately 60 percent of students failing one course, 40 percent failing two, and 25 percent of Jackson County middle schoolers failing four or more classes.

Despite concerned parents, Strycker assured safety in the schools and that they have seen a 37 percent decrease in COVID cases since last month.  “Yeah I do understand that it’s an emotional situation, you know parents are still concerned and students are still concerned and so I guess what I would say is I would ask any parents that are concerned to contact me personally and I would be happy to give them a personal tour of the school in which their students would attend. That’s how important it is for me to get them back to school that I will make sure that I take time for them to come in and see the care and the attention that the teachers are giving this situation and the students.”

If you would like more information, Dr. Strycker is offering that anyone contact him at 228-283-3000.

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