Jackson County School District announces reopening plan for August

The Jackson County School District has released more information on their school reopening plan as students prepare to return to school during the coronavirus outbreak.

However, some local parents are still concerned.

It’s a summer unlike any other as the Jackson County School District attempts to reopen schools amid a global pandemic. Jackson County Schools Superintendent Dr. John Strycker  said, “We’re talking hundreds of hours with about 25 to 30 of our top administrators, central office, school nurse, transportation, all the directors, so a pretty good sized group.”

According to the district, mask-wearing for faculty and students will be optional, but each attendance center will have increased nursing staff and sanitizing stations as needed.

Additionally, services such as recess, cafeteria services, and bus transportation will return as normal as possible. “If people are uncomfortable with their children riding the bus, they, you know, they can bring them to school, but it was just not practical to practice social distancing when you’re busing 6,600 kids, and you’re already at an hour and a half one way.”

Even though the district has released its plan in advance of the school year, some parents still have some concerns.

James Gillies’ son is entering the fourth grade in the district. After reading the guidelines, Gillies would like to see a stricter emphasis on mask-wearing and social distancing. “It’s not what is recommended by people much smarter than me, scientists and doctors. They say you have to wear a mask around people. You have to social distance and it’s just not happening.”

Because of this, Gillies says he and his wife are exploring all schooling options ahead of the new school year. “With that many kids getting together, acting normal, acting like the virus doesn’t exist, it’s sure to spread like wildfire.”

Dr. Strycker says parents can continue to reach out to his office with their concerns. “We’re going to work with families individually to do the best we can to provide the education they feel is best for their children. And so that’s what I encourage them to do is to call me and I will call them back.”

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