Jackson County Republican Women Luncheon

Today, Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves welcomed Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch to Mississippi.
Kleefisch was the featured speaker at the Jackson County Republican Women Founder’s Day Luncheon benefiting the Trent Lott Scholarship for high school students in the area.
Overcoming major legislative battles and tax reform are just some of the items Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch addressed today during the event.
Kleefisch is known for her energy and enthusiasm to elect more conservatives to office, particularly women. “In 2016, obviously and this election this year in Mississippi, women are going to make a huge difference in the outcome of these races, so we want to make sure that we’re speaking to the four out of ten American households headed by female breadwinners and make sure that our female voters are truly empowered.”
One thing Lt. Governor Reeves says Mississippi can learn from her is job growth. “When Becky was first elected, she got on the phone and started cold calling businesses in Illinois and encouraged them to move over the state line and come to Wisconsin because they were going to build a business friendly environment and they were going to build a climate that encouraged private sector job growth, so basically the same thing that Gov. Bryant and I are trying to do here in Mississippi.”
According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, Mississippi has the sixth highest unemployment rate in the country. And with her extensive background in business and economic development, Lt. Gov. Kleefisch says while job creation is important, job training should be at the forefront. “You need to make sure that those people that you want to get into the labor market have the skills that the employers who have open jobs are looking for.”
Kleefisch says to be successful, Mississippi lawmakers must put the taxpayers back in the driver’s seat. Something voters are likely to consider at the polls in November.
Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch is a colon cancer survivor. She has been recognized with a number of prestigious awards.

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