Jackson County Republican Forum

Tonight in Gautier, voters from across Jackson County had a chance to hear from Republican candidates.
The Jackson County Republican Executive Committee held a forum at MGCCC’s campus in Gautier where candidates discussed their platforms and values while addressing problems faced in each of the cities in Jackson County.
Heath Hillman, who was one of the organizers behind the event, says getting candidates and voters into a face to face setting helps make the political process more personal. “It’s been said many times that all politics are local. I think it’s really great for us to have the opportunity to get to come and to see these candidates that are gonna be responsible for providing public services, to let these candidates know that they are not just elected officials, but they’re people who represent people. That’s one of the most important things i think we got out of this is that you’ve got people that are willing to give up themselves for public service.”
For those who plan on letting their voice be heard, municipal elections take place on May 2nd.

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