Jackson County leaders discuss medical marijuana initiative

A proposal to legalize medical marijuana is on the November 3rd ballot for Mississippians.

The Medical Marijuana 2020 Campaign drafted the amendment to legalize medical marijuana. They received over 200,000 signatures from Mississippi registered voters.

Initiative 65 would allow qualified patients with debilitating medical conditions to use medical marijuana.

This morning Jackson County leaders including Sheriff Mike Ezell, the Pascagoula School District Superintendent, a member of the Mississippi Board of Health, and a pastor of First Baptist Church of Ocean Springs joined together in a press conference to discuss the initiative at the courthouse.

They believe legalizing marijuana could be bad for the community. Grand Bank CEO and Member of Mississippi Department of Health Ed Langton said, “With marijuana cards you will not be able to get firearms because it is against federal law. If they know you have a marijuana card you can’t get the firearm as well as section 8 housing and many other things. It’s an all-cash business. No money will go back to the municipalities. It all stays in the health department. There’s no sharing, there’s no community benefit of the marijuana industry.”

The Medical Marijuana 2020 Campaign is funded and operated by Mississippians for Compassionate Care promoting Initiative 65.

There is also an alternative measure number 65A on the ballot in November which further regulates the distribution.  Medical Marijuana 2020 Communications Director Jamie Grantham said, “A campaign to put medical marijuana on the ballot and bring a regulated medical marijuana program to patients suffering from cancer, ALS, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and other debilitating medical conditions. Alternative 65A, which is what the politicians put on the ballot, does not address any of the basic fundamental components medical marijuana patients would need. It doesn’t even have a list of debilitating medical conditions.”

Prior to initiative 65 there has never been a medical marijuana proposal on the Mississippi election ballot.

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