Jackson County Fire Department in Need of Ladder Truck

The Jackson County Fire Department may be getting a new ride and saving a few bucks along the way.
Earl Etheridge with Jackson County Emergency Management addressed the need for the county fire department to add another ladder truck.
A brand new ladder truck can cost between $650,000 to over a million dollars. Etheridge found a company in Alabama that remodels old fire trucks and resells them for about $300,000.
Etheridge received the go-ahead from the supervisors to look into the company to purchase a new ladder truck, something the county desperately needs. “When you have over five buildings that meet either the square footage or the height requirement, they require you to have a ladder truck. We have one on the west side of the county. I need one in the center part of the county and probably within the next two years, I’m going to have to have one on the east side of the county,” said Etheridge.
The state rating bureau originally notified Jackson County that they need to add another ladder truck to the fire department.

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