Jackson County FabLab open house

It’s time for back to the lab with the Jackson County FabLab.

They will be holding an open house in Vancleave tomorrow to let the community know their doors are open to more than just students.

Since the FabLab’s staff has grown in size, the site has now found a way to provide their services to any curious individual who needs a place to learn or work on STEM related projects. FabLab Manager Scott Beebe said, “We’re planning on being open the second Saturday of every month. This will be our first Saturday that we’ll be open for the community to come in and see what we do and see how we can help them, businesses, home school groups. Whatever it is to come in and take advantage of the opportunity that we have here.”

The open house is Saturday. The public is welcome to come see what the FabLab offers, free of charge from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m.

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