Jackson County Board of Supervisors holds redistricting public hearing

The Jackson County Board of Supervisors held a public hearing to give citizens of the county an opportunity to provide input into the process of redistricting for the board of supervisors, election commissioners, justice court judges, and constables.

The boardroom was packed with concerned Jackson County citizens interested in viewing the proposed layouts and comment on the redistricting process. District 2 Supervisor Ennit Morris said, “It was a draft for the community to see citizens to understand what we were doing. We didn’t want to change districts, that is just the way it had come up to the census.”

At the meeting, one new layout was presented to the public showing the most movement in district 4 and district 2. “Some people didn’t understand why I was coming from out of Moss Point and going into Gautier instead of staying in Pascagoula.”

Many residents were displeased with the layout presented, voicing their concerns and asking for more redistricting layout options. “It looks like we are doing a lot of gerrymandering that isn’t helping the population.”

Gautier Resident Tieara McPherson said, “I would like to see the redistricting be something that benefits all of us and doesn’t benefit the people that we voted into office so they can stay in office longer.”

Moss Point resident Phyllis Matthews said, “This is what they came up with. We know nobody is going to be 100 percent satisfied and we do know population shifts.”

The Jackson County Board of Supervisors plans to have another public hearing and present more options.

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