Jackson County Board of Supervisors Considering Plan to Upgrade Animal Shelter

The Jackson County Board of Supervisors is considering a plan to re-vamp the Jackson County Animal Shelter.
County hired firm BKL designed a plan to correct the problems the animal shelter is facing. The new shelter would be able to improve care and house for lost, abandoned or abused animals of all shapes and sizes. The current shelter is operating out of several trailers that don’t accommodate the amount of animals in Jackson County that need care.
Jackson County District 5 Supervisor John McKay said, “The people, when they’re bringing in rescued animals, have to go right by donated animals and that’s a bad thing when you have a child wanting to adopt a pet and then you’re bringing in possibly a vicious dog or sick dog or something else right past it. So, we’ve got a lot of things right there in that old facility that we’ve got to correct and this is the long range plan to do that.”
Officials say the project would cost roughly 3.3 million dollars. After the presentation, Jackson County Supervisor Mike Mangum said he cannot support a project of this magnitude while they are looking at possibly footing the bill for a turnaround firm for the Singing River Hospital. The project is still in the proposal stage.

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