Jackson County Authorities Break Up Auto Theft Ring

Arrests have been made in a car theft ring in Jackson County. Five suspects that thought they could pull a fast one past authorities are now locked up.
These five faces probably made Santa’s naughty list. Police say they were involved in an auto-theft crime spree on Christmas Eve.
The suspects are behind bars, facing felony charges for stealing vehicles from Insurance Auto Auctions in Moss Point Saturday night. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department says they have broken up an auto-theft ring. According to investigators, a team of vehicle thieves this size is uncommon.
Authorities say deputies arrived on scene right as the theft was taking place. They tried to stop one of the cars, but were unsuccessful as it sped off the property.
A deputy spotted a vehicle matching the one that fled the scene and made an arrest. Once deputies were able to arrest that driver his arrest led to four other suspects involved.
The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department has recovered 12 of the stolen vehicles so far. After inventory was taken at the lot, they have their eyes on at least two more.
As the five suspects await court dates, the Moss Point auto-theft ring investigation continues with the possible discovery of more cars and more arrests to be made.

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