Jackson County Adult Detention Center reports first confirmed cases of COVID-19

The Jackson County Adult Detention Center is reporting its first confirmed cases of COVID-19.

As of January 27th, 20 inmates tested positive and are in isolation. Sheriff Mike Ezell says they are all experiencing minor symptoms. There are currently 370 prisoners in the jail.

Since early 2020 as more COVID cases were diagnosed throughout the state, new rules were put in place to limit contact between jail employees and prisoners.

The sheriff’s department will not book prisoners for misdemeanor arrests expect in the following:

  • Domestic violence
  • DUI/ public intoxication
  • Arrestees who are violent, disorderly, or unruly
  • Arrestees who contribute to civil unrest
  • Arrestees who are court ordered by a judge to serve time

There could be exceptions to these rules, depending on each case.

Sheriff Ezell says there is no longer personal in-house visitation allowed except for law enforcement. All CDC recommendations are being following in the jail.

The ADC houses inmates from the county and each of its four municipalities.

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