Jackson Co. Sheriff’s Race Continues to Heat Up

The Jackson County Sheriff’s race continues after Interim Sheriff Charles Britt pulled his name from the race last week. Now critics are saying the Board of Supervisors is to blame for another black eye on the county and its employees.

The race for Sheriff in Jackson County continues to heat up, even with Britt’s decision not to run after unfavorable audio recordings between Britt and former deputy were leaked. Critics of the Board of Supervisors are now saying the drama could have been avoided if the board had appointed someone who had no interest to run for office, as Britt once did.

Troy Ross, Jackson County Supervisor, District 4, says, "In that process, we didn’t have a criteria based on whether they were gonna’ run or not, we said simply the person we see as most qualified is the person we’re gonna’ select. It’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback, you’ll never be wrong."

Supervisor John McKay, District 5, believes the incident with Britt is being blown out of proportion and shouldn’t affect the reputation of county employees. McKay says, "We have some great county employees and it seems like little missteps like this incidence the other day, something so simple, could turn into something so big. That kind of gives us a black eye for a short bit of time."

Both Ross and McKay voted for Britt to become the Interim Sheriff back in December. Ross says he agrees with Britt’s decision to step down. Ross also says, "The decision he made to withdrawal from the race, I think ultimately for Jackson County, that’s probably the best thing. It takes the politics that have been wrapped around this race and takes it out of the Sheriff’s race, and allows him to focus in on his job for the next couple months and to make sure whoever wins the election has the best possible department when they step in."

In the end, the supervisors agree that no matter who is elected to be the next Sheriff, there are still employees and deputies in the Sheriff’s Department who are working for the good of the people of Jackson County.

Ross closes, "Regardless of who the Sheriff is, we still got some good deputies out there on patrol. They are making sure the streets of Jackson County are safe and there is no difference today then there will be tomorrow on that."

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