Jackson Co. Sheriff Runoff Election to be Held Tuesday

The time has finally arrived for Jackson County residents to decide who will be their next sheriff. Candidates, Mike Ezell and Scott McIlrath, are down to the wire, pushing last minute campaign messages throughout the county before Tuesday’s runoff election.

Like the old saying goes "you get more bees with honey," but to Jackson County Sheriff candidate, Mike Ezell, bees mean voters. Ezell was found passing around his homemade honey to potential supporters in downtown Ocean Springs Monday morning, trying to push his message on the last day before the runoff election. Ezell says, "We’re gonna’ do the right thing, we’re gonna’ operate under the root of law every day, we’re gonna’ treat people like they want to be treated, we’re gonna’ be professionals, we’re gonna’ continually update our policies and look at all of our personnel so we can give the best service we can for Jackson County."

Opponent, Scott McIlrath, was found in rural parts of the county pushing his message, reaching voters not easily found. McIlrath says, "The department means something to me. The mess that it’s gotten into here lately has really broken my heart and I feel compelled to get out and do something about it, you know, rather than sitting on the sidelines and complaining. I put my name in the hat and I’m out here trying to work towards a solution for them."

Both candidates are committed to bringing integrity back the department, vowing to comb through its employees to make sure they all share the same vision. McIlrath also says, "You know, I want them to feel comfortable. I want them to know what’s expected from them, and you know, I want them to know as long as they’re doing the right thing, which is what we’re gonna’ do, we’re gonna’ get the bad guys, and get them the right way. We’re gonna’ be okay."

Ezell on the other hand finds case management his number one priority. Ezell closes, "Folks get the proper treatment that they need, they get the proper investigation on their cases that come in, that victims get taken care of, and we’ll work hard to do that so the people get good service from their Sheriff’s Office."

Tuesday night as votes are counted, Ezell will be at First Baptist Church in Pascagoula while McIlrath will be at his headquarters in Ocean Springs.

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