Jackson Co. Provides Xmas Toys to Families in Need

Christmas is fast approaching, but many parents just don’t have enough to give their children the Christmas they deserve.

Monday, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office did what they could to help families in need. Moss Point resident, Gary Givers, wishes he could give his two children the best Christmas ever, but after he was laid off from his job earlier this year, Givers had to scale back his expectations. Givers says, “Like I said, it’s been kinda’ rough, but not so rough, but thanks to the Lord we’ve been making it.”

To help out families like this, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office has been collecting toys and other items for the less fortunate. It’s all part of a program called Santa Wears a Badge. Jackson County Sheriff, Mike Ezell, says, “Well I mean, it’s a community service and that’s what it’s all about. You know, it’s Christmas time and it’s time to spread some good news out of the Sheriff’s Office and it’s a very worthy cause.”

The Santa Wears a Badge program distributed food and toys to 25 families in Jackson County. Ezell also says, “When you see kids smile, when you see mothers who don’t have enough money to buy food for the family, you know it’s wonderful. Most of us have everything we need, but there’s people out here who need us, and that’s what we wanna’ try to do.”

Givers says it’s not easy asking for help, but he’s happy his two children will get the Christmas they’ve been waiting for all year.

Givers closes, “It means a lot because right now I’m not able to do what I want for my kids, so man, you know, it’s the season to be jolly and happy, so like I said, it’s truly a blessing just to have them to come out and help, you know.”

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