Jackson Co. Asks Singing River Trustees for Resignation

Monday, the Jackson County Board of Supervisors formally asked the Singing River Health System (S.R.H.S.) Board of Trustees for their immediate resignation.

This comes amid growing controversy surrounding the health system’s terminated pension plan. Lawyers fighting for employees and retirees have been calling for the resignation of the S.R.H.S. trustees for months now, but the Jackson County Board of Supervisors finally made an official request for all trustees to step down.

Earlier this month, trustee, Morris Strickland, resigned because he no longer lives in Jackson County, a requirement to serve on the board. The remaining members have stayed on the board, hoping to work through the pension plan controversy. While the board cannot force the trustees to resign, Jackson County supervisors think it’s the only way to start rebuilding the health system.

John McKay, Jackson County Supervisor of District 5, says, “But we have formally asked each one of the board of trustees to resign. We felt like that would bring new life into the board and it would hopefully remove some of the conflict that was going on. At this time, we felt like it was the best step going forward.”

At this time, S.R.H.S. says the matter is between the board and the trustees, and they will not be getting involved. Trustees are appointed by the board, and would need to be replaced upon their resignation.

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