Jackson Co. Animal Shelters Needs Home for Pig & Horses

The Jackson County Animal Shelter is not only looking for homes for cats and dogs, but they are also looking for permanent homes for some larger friends as well.

Andy is a potbellied pig looking for a home who was surrendered by his owner in October. The shelter is also looking for people to adopt a pony and a horse, both surrendered by their owners as well. Adoption fees are $35 for the pig and $100 for each horse. Shelter officials are encouraging those interested to come check them out.

Diane Robinson, Director of the Jackson County Animal Shelter, says, “They’re great little horses. They need some work, so preferably someone who’s got some animal handling experience and is familiar with working with large animals. Andy the pig is great. He’s a nice guy, so he doesn’t require much except space to move around and some food and water and pats. He likes his belly rubbed.”

This Saturday, the animal shelter is hosting an adoption event at the Red Lily Spa in Ocean Springs from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. More than a dozen adoptable dogs and cats will be at the event.

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