Jackson Co. Adopts Project Lead the Way to Benefit Students

Project Lead the Way is one program Jackson County is investing in to promote education in the State of Mississippi. Eleven schools in Jackson County have joined the program, sponsored by the Chevron Oil Refinery.

Rodney Galary, a senior at Moss Point High School, participates in Project Lead the Way, a science and math program geared towards teaching students about engineering. Galary says he plans to use the skills he learns to pursue a job at the Chevron Refinery in Pascagoula. Galary says, "If you’re gonna’ be engineer, you need this class something serious, ‘cause it’s good for your math skills and you get a good idea of what you’ll be doing with the programs you learn in here."

Moss Point High is one of the 11 schools in Jackson County participating in Project Lead the Way. St. Martin was the first to adopt the program last year. Thursday, the class’ assignment was to build a bridge using only blocks and paper. Galary also says, "We just started, but we’ve already come so far as a class, and as a unit, and we go around helping each other. There’s never anyone left behind."

The program is designed to jump start students’ interest in problem solving. William White, Vice President of Project Lead the Way, says, "It’s very essential that our kids get motivated not to just be engineers, some can be engineers, but to be motivated so that they can get a worthwhile job and be productive and successful."

Chevron, a major sponsor, believes by better educating students in science and math, they will be able to hire the best personnel locally. Allen Suddeth with Human Relations for Chevron says, "We not only help the schools do better, and our students get better prepared, but we also give back to the community by having them get hired on and do the jobs right here in Mississippi and Jackson County."

To further educate the students, Chevron donated a 3D printer to each of the schools involved in Project Lead the Way.

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