“It Can Wait” Simulator

It can wait because one simple text message can change your life.

That was the message this morning from AT&T representatives to Biloxi High School students. The “It Can Wait” campaign encourages teen drivers to wait to use their smartphone until they are off the road and not behind the wheel. Whether it’s taking a photo, reading a message, scrolling through an email, everything can change in the blink of an eye.

Students were even able to try out a simulator that shows the consequences of taking your eyes off the road. Biloxi High School sophomore Darryll Henderson said, “It was a virtual experience of you being the driver. You’re going through a neighborhood while experience various views of you looking at your phone and almost coming in an accident then it ends and it was an accident.” Biloxi High School freshman Eva Prentiss said, “It was really detailed. You could see when you got in the crash and you could see your body flinging to the side and all the glass coming in. It was really cool to get to see. It can wait as they say. You don’t have to look right then because you can crash. Stuff like that can happen and you could die.”

Students were also encouraged to visit itcanwait.com where they could pledge to keep their eyes on the road.

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