IP Casino Denied Request to Expand Their Parking Lot

Tuesday, the Biloxi City Council denied a request by the IP Casino to shut down three nearby roads to allow for the expansion of a parking lot. Local residents had rallied against the plan and Tuesday, they were victorious.

It’s not every day you hear about a fight where the little guy wins. Tammy Creel, a Back Bay resident, says, “Sometimes David beats Goliath.”

The IP Casino Resort and Spa is being required to pave their dirt parking lots just south of Bayview Drive. Before doing that, the casino wanted permission to shut down Anglada, Fayard, and Reynoirs streets to make one big lot, but the residents objected. Creel also says, “This was our property. As citizens of Biloxi, we are owners of Biloxi.”

The original objection to the casino’s plan came from the owner of Thuy Land Pawn Shop, which is located at the corner of Fayard Street and Bayview Avenue. The owner of the pawn shop says if Fayard Street is shut down, there won’t be anywhere for his customers to park.

A lawyer for the casino says the customers would be allowed to park on casino property, but owners of the pawn shop say if the street is shut down, then it will be the beginning of the end for his business. Creel also says, “He bought his business on a public street and we have to let him operate his business too.”

A lawyer for the casino argued the streets they wanted to shut down were hardly being used, but residents don’t agree. Creel closes, “I say you’re wrong. We live here. We use these streets every single day. Their employees use these streets every single day.”

The IP Casino will still have to pave the existing dirt parking lots, but within the confines of the existing streets.

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