Invention Fair at St. Patrick Catholic High School

This morning, eighth grade students from St. Patrick High School in Biloxi had a chance to show off their hard work and creativity in the form of an invention.

The school held an invention fair and students were all asked to present their work to a panel of judges in hopes to take home the top prize.

Inventions range from things such as grip pom-poms, the exterminator 3000, a crab claw and a popcorn contraption to stop the waste of extra kernels.

Kate Massey tells News 25 there was one simple thing that inspired her food cooling fork. “My mom kind of helped me come up with that idea because I had no idea what to do and I burnt my tongue on my food one night. It basically just has a fan attached to the back of it and it cools down your food and you can eat.”

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