International Women’s Day Floral Design Seminar

In honor of International Women’s Day, floral specialist Dr. Jim Delprince held a virtual floral design seminar, highlighting floral arrangements for Easter.

Delprince demonstrated how to create three different tabletop floral designs made with fresh flowers during the Zoom seminar.  The first design featured was a round arrangement accented with flowers of various values of whites.

The second arrangement featured a bunny riding a bicycle, pulling a wagon of cabbage-like plants, while the third design had pops of purple and yellow. “So, there’s so much to be done with flowers and plants that we find around us, materials that are in the yard and garden, a market bunch of flowers. Keep your table centerpiece within just a few dollars of cost and it really makes this so much fun. Very happy Easter. We’ve got St. Patrick’s Day coming up in between there. Let some of these holidays be the influence to maybe push you to the edge and go ahead and decorate and have some fun.”

When working on arrangements, Delprince suggests to stand back and take a look at your creation, because that’s what your guests will be seeing.

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