Institute for Marine Mammal Studies provides an interactive experience in Gulfport

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies is an organization specializing in public education of marine mammals in the wild and in captivity.

The nonprofit educates the community by offering an experience like no other in Gulfport. They pride themselves on being an interactive experience for the community to enjoy as well as learn.

IMMS offers a variety of up-close experiences with dolphins, sting rays, sharks, and sea lions, just to name few.

They also rescue stranded marine mammals on the Coast. President Dr. Moby Solangi said, “I think we are the premiere rescue and rehab center in the state of Mississippi. We’ve been doing this since 1984. We’re really proud. You know, for human beings you have the United Way and Red Cross, but for animals it is us.”

Most recently, WXXV has been following IMMS as they are rehabilitating a stranded baby dolphin. The calf is doing just fine, receiving 24-hour care from IMMS.

If you see an animal on the shore that is in distress call 1-800-SOS-Dolphin.

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