Inktoberfest Comes to the Coast to Display Tattoo Art

Inktoberfest started Friday and will continue all weekend at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. Fans of Spike TV’s Ink Master reality show may recognize a few of the artists at the event, along with dozens of local artists.

The Coliseum was buzzing with the sounds of tattoo needles. Inktoberfest is in town, bringing artists and skins together to appreciate this evolving art form. Robert Lasardo, actor in C.S.I. Miami, Nip Tuck, and the Human Centipede, says, "It’s also becoming extremely progressive as an art form. The quality of the work that I’m seeing is mind blowing."

What began as single needle, one or two color images have become highly detailed works of art that would be just as at home on a museum wall as they are on the skin, but what would those original tattoo artists think of today’s work? Jayvo Scott, professional tattoo artist/actor, says, "If any of them are still around, would be blown away by what tattooing has evolved into. It just started with pictures on the wall, very simple, three color designs, and it’s turned into a whole new art form on its own."

Tattoo artists from around the world have come to Biloxi to ink tattoos and meet fans, so whether you’re a fan of the art or willing to go under the gun yourself, there’s something for everyone at Inktoberfest. In the past, tattoos have had a negative stigma, but recently have become more and more mainstream.

Tattoos have not only become an art form, but they are also ways for individuals to connect with their past. Lasardo also says, "I had a few friends of mine, who like myself, felt a bit outside of everything, so the tattoo was a way for us to bond, to create this brotherhood, a sense of belonging."

From creating brotherhoods to bringing real life estranged brothers Robbie and Jayvo closer together on Spike TV’s Ink Master Rivals, tattooing has it all. Scott also says, "When I left, on camera, I said, ‘Win this thing for me bro.’ He got kicked off then unfortunately, but it’s not going to make or break either one of us."

If you’re a budding artist considering tattooing, Scott has a message for you: "Be yourself no matter what, and just keep pushing, keep drawing, keep painting, keep practicing, and don’t let anyone get you down."

If ink, piercings, or art are your thing, then Inktoberfest is the place for you.

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