Inkin’ the Coast

The eighth annual Inkin’ the Coast brought a weekend full of art and fun. Some favorite stars from shows like Ink Master were there to show off their skills.

Inkin’ the Coast kicked off on Friday and brought in artists from all over the world to get their needles hot. Dave Clark, a season six Ink Master star, has been coming to Inkin’ the Coast since the very beginning. “The first year I ever came to Inkin’ the Coast, the first year they ever put it on was my first year. I even won an award and it was my very first convention I ever worked because I live roughly two and a half hours away and every year I come it’s just gotten bigger and better and more artists and better caliber artists keep showing up.”

Clark enjoys interacting with other tattoo artist at conventions like these and seeing what they can create. “The tattoo community always flourishes at these events and the reason why is it bonds us together.”

Inkin’ the Coast brings the tattoo community together by having artists from all over the world come out to show their talents.

Sharing a booth with Clark was fellow Ink Master star, Al Fliction, who came to the Gulf Coast from Las Vegas. He was on the original season of Ink Master and he is glad to be sharing his art with Biloxi no matter the reason for his clients getting the ink. “Everybody get tattoos for different reasons, I mean, some people get tattoos to remember a situation or something that happened. Some people are just art collectors. There are so many different styles of tattoos now. There’s morphine and portraits and color realism, tribal. There’s so many different new styles of tattooing that everybody’s getting them for all kinds of reasons.”

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