Initiative 42 Fails at the Polls

After months of heated debate, the public has voted “no” to Initiative 42, a proposed state constitutional amendment that supporters hoped would force lawmakers to fully fund MAEP. So where does the conversation move from here? News 25’s Katarina Luketich spoke with those on both sides of the issue.
For supporters of fully funding MAEP, the strike down of Initiative 42 was a devastating blow. Even though they are disappointed, volunteers with the organization Fed Up With 50th say their message has not changed. Fed Up With 50th volunteer Julia Weaver said, “We still are fed up with being at the bottom of rankings. We feel like our children deserve better, our state deserves better and with help from our legislature, we can do better.”
State Republicans have been fighting Initiative 42 from the get go. State Representative Scott Delano tells News 25 while they didn’t agree with the ballot measure, they do like the conversation it has sparked. “I think that what we’ve learned from this is that people are not happy with the status quo. I’m very pleased to see that we’ve had this many people get engaged in it. Now we’ve got to turn that energy into actions and action steps going forward.”
So the question is where does the conversation about education go from here? “We sit down with educators from across the Coast, parents and teachers, get their input and go back to Jackson with another formula or another way to amend the existing formula to better meet our needs,” said Delano.
Local parents plan on holding our lawmakers to that. “We look forward to working with the legislature so that they can fulfill their promises,” said Weaver, “They told us during this battle that we could rely on our elected officials to solve this problem and that’s what we’re going to do.”
Now that it’s off the table, regardless of their stance on 42, parents still plan on holding our state legislature to their promise of finding a solution that results in a better education for our kids.
Fifty-four percent of voters elected against changing the state constitution at the polls on Tuesday.

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