Initiative 42 Educational Forum

State representatives, education groups and various organizations are eager to inform the public as much as possible on Initiative 42. Tonight, the conversation continues in the Moss Point community.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Initiative 42 and 42A? What are some misconceptions? These were the types of questions answered during an Initiative 42 informational forum at the Family Education Center in Moss Point. Jimmy Rogers, with Parents for Public Schools, said, “According to the United States, they say we’re behind on a lot of things and education is the one thing. But in order to get to number one, we gotta make some progress.”
The Parents for Public Schools-Moss Point Group and the Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. organized the forum as a way to fully inform the community about the initiative that would fully fund the Mississippi Adequate Education Program. Panelists for the forum included Jackson County Supervisor Melton Harris and State Representative Jeramey Anderson.
Shortly after signing into the meeting, attendees received a sample ballot. Panelists and sponsors of the educational forum tell News 25 that one of the most confusing parts about Initiative 24 and the alternative is simply how to vote for it. The ballot requires voters to mark their vote on Initiative 42 on two separate occasions. “They have to understand the first question “are you in favor of a change?”. Voting in favor, then it asks you to check yes. Then it asks you to vote if you are in favor of 42 or 42A,” said Harris.
Panelists and sponsors of the forum tell News 25 they hope holding forums such as these will increase voter turnout on November 3rd. “We’re telling people to make sure you read every part of the ballot. Make you understand what you are voting for before you go into the voting precinct,” said Anderson.
The forum also discussed the financial impact of both Initiative 42 and 42A.

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