Initial Funded Priorities for Gulf Coast Restoration

The Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council released a ‘draft initial funded priorities’ list during a public meeting at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.
The draft would fund almost $140 million worth of restoration projects to restore the five Gulf States affected by the BP oil spill. The Council is holding a meeting in each one of these states to collect public comment.
Tonight, the council provided an open house period where people could interact with subject matter experts. The public also received a brief presentation on all of the projects being proposed in the funded priorities list.
Kendra Parson, external affairs with the Gulf Coast Ecosystems Restoration Council, said, “Just kind of going over a basic overview of how we got where we are today and an overview of all the projects being proposed in the draft funded priority list. Because it is a draft and we do need public comment. That is the most important reason why we are here this evening is to hear from the public and get their input so we can get this right.”
Gulf Coast residents can also provide public comment at

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