Ingalls Shipbuilding Opens New Family Health Center for Employees

Ingalls Shipbuilding has been employing thousands of Coast residents for over 75 years.
For the first time in their existence, they will now be offering full service healthcare to its employees and their dependents through the Ingalls Family Health Center.
Starting July 1st, the company will provide employees first hand aid in their long term healthcare.
Ingalls Shipbuilding VP of Human Resources and Administration Edmond Hughes said, “This new family health center is an amazing investment in our employees from the nature of the work we do, which we know is difficult and hard, but here’s an opportunity for them to focus on their person health and wellness.”
For $15 a visit, they can receive immunizations, x-rays, lab work, physical rehab, access to on-site pharmacists and even wellness coaches. Wellness coaches and nutritionists will make sure employees are ready to take on the rigors of their job and provide education regarding many topics, including weigh management.
Michael Soesbe, the Ingalls Family Health Center wellness coach, said, “Again, a very big key is keeping a good healthy weight. Being physically fit and healthiest they can be with what they’re doing in their job. And hopefully, as a wellness coach we’ll be here and the other services to help them exceed and get beyond the normal realm of what a healthy employee should be.”
Ingalls Shipbuilding President Brian Cuccas said, “Our employees are the heart and soul of the shipyard. And to make sure that they’re healthy, and that their families are healthy, goes to everybody’s success: them personally and us as a business.”
The Ingalls Family Health Center will be located only 6 miles from the Shipyard on Old Spanish Trail.

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