Ingalls Shipbuilding graduation

The newest graduates of Ingalls Shipbuilding’s apprentice school gathered at the Gulf Coast Convention Center Saturday for a graduation ceremony.
After a rehearsal on Saturday for the exciting event, all 123 apprentices walked across the stage in cap and gown to be recognized for their hard work.
Students come out of this program with a new craft and one apprentice in particular was rewarded for his hard work. Joshua Seymour, a pipe welder, received the outstanding apprentice of the year award.
However, Ingalls President Brian Cuccias tells News 25 they are proud of all the people who finish this difficult program. “We are very excited that these men and women have worked anywhere from two to four years to learn a trade from maybe an unskilled position to being a real contributing leader of a ship yard. I think that is what has helped make Ingalls really unique in the area of shipbuilding is this fantastic program that we have to train our workers.”
Ingalls has 1,600 apprentices in the company and officials tell News 25 that 850 of those have already been promoted to higher positions.

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