Ingalls hosts shipbuilding academy open house

Today, high school juniors interested in joining the maritime industry were invited to the shipbuilder academy’s open house hosted by Ingalls Shipbuilding.

Shipbuilder academy alum Alex Fuller said, “Electrical, pipe, insulation, and there’s just multiple craft opportunities for the shipyard that we gained and it just gave us more experience before we went to the yard.” Students from eight different high schools from Jackson and Mobile County got the chance to tour the Maritime Training Academy, the facility that over the next school year will provide them with the foundation to enter the maritime industry.  “This provides them a snapshot of what they will do when they do start.”

Aside from providing students with hands on training, the academy also gives them the opportunity of landing a job with Ingalls Shipbuilding after completing the program. Moss Point School District Career and Technical Education Director Durand Payton said “This child is already going to make roughly $36,000 and change coming out of high school, not only that, but they also have the opportunity to go to college while they’re here because Ingalls reimburses them.”

As part of today’s open house, the students were able to get some hands on experience. “They have opportunities to learn hands on which is welding, electronics, painting, so they get a taste of a little bit of everything here.”

The academy was established in August 2016 and is now entering its third year. So far, 64 students have successfully completed the program and obtained certifications. “Just the sheer fact that our numbers have doubled since last year says this program is a success and I feel as if it will continue being a success in the future.”

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