Ingalls delivers ship to the Navy

Ingalls Shipbuilding is celebrating the completion of their newest guided missile destroyers. The Paul Ignatius was transferred into the custody of the U.S. Navy today.

“What do you today matters” that statement is echoed throughout the Ingalls Shipyard, reminding employees to always be their best and today their best work is being recognized. Ship program manager Donny Dorsey said, “Whatever you do today, it may not show up for years, so what you decide to do, how you make those decisions matter every single day.”

That thought process played a role in the completion of the Paul Ignatius, a guided missile destroyer to be commissioned to the U.S. Navy. Commanding Officer Robby Trotter said, “She is a flight-2DDG, a very capable ship with the latest and greatest war fighting material on her and equipment from that standpoint. She’ll be going out and completing various operations.”

The ship is named in honor of 98-year-old Paul Ignatius, former Secretary of the Navy and Secretary of Defense. Construction for the ship began almost four and a half years ago and was then christened in April 2017. Latonya Davis, a paint foreman with Ingalls, says it is incredibly special to have been a part of such an important project from the beginning. “I feel so proud and I’m so privileged to be in the position and to have this opportunity to stand with our company and be a representative for the paint department. This is my first final ship so I’m very proud and I couldn’t ask for a better day than to be here with you guys.”

After its final tests, the Paul Ignatius should hit the waters in the next two weeks.

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