Ingalls Class of 2016

Fifty-two individuals officially have what it takes to join the very best of Ingalls Shipbuilding.
Ingalls 2016 Apprenticeship Program’s graduating class is preparing to walk across the stage at the Coast Coliseum Convention Center, signaling the completion of their apprenticeships and the beginning of their futures in the shipbuilding industry.
Some of these men and women have been enrolled in the program for over four years, receiving experience in the classroom and on the job. This is all in preparation for a career with Ingalls, one of the most respected shipbuilding companies in the nation. Edmond Hughes, VP of human resources and administration for Ingalls Shipbuilding, said, “For the company it gives us that, like I said, the cornerstone of our workforce. Our apprentices are an important part of those individuals that help build those magnificent ships that we build as Ingalls Shipbuilding. The apprentice program goes anywhere from two to four years depending on the actual craft that we have. In our organization, there are 13 different apprentice-able trades.”
Apprentice of the Year Jonathan Brewer said, “The main thing is a good work ethic. Learn everything, show up every day, do the best that you can do in your job and let the chips fall where they fall.”
The program’s graduating class of 2016 will make the walk across the stage tomorrow at 10 a.m.

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