Ingalls Awards 25 STEM Grants

Ingalls Shipbuilding awarded $100,000 in science-related grants to 25 schools and organizations on our Coast and in Alabama. News 25’s Jennifer Tubwell shows us what the grant means to students at Woolmarket Elementary School.
These Woolmarket Elementary School students are figuring out a complex project the rest of us might simply call a gadget. One student said, “With the batteries and the different wires, it will create light and act as a motor to make the fan start.”
Their school was one of 49 to compete for Ingalls Shipbuilding’s annual STEM grants, aiming to attract more young people to science, technology, engineering, and math programs. Today, 25 schools and organizations were awarded $100,000. Many recipients were elementary schools, exposing children to sciences while their brains are still hungry to explore.
Students say this project is just a stepping stone. One student told News 25, “We actually have to make a robot that will go underwater and go through things without sinking.”
The learning doesn’t stop at science. Ingalls Vice President Edmond Hughes said, “They have to put together a marketing campaign and explain, so it really includes many subjects.”
Many may find STEM subjects intimidating but you don’t have to be Einstein, educators say all you need is a desire to make everyday activities a little easier.
Whether they’re building ships, robots, or exploring our Coast’s nature, the future is bright for young minds hoping to light the way for a better Coast.

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