Infrastructure stalled by historical find in Biloxi

Today, crews in Biloxi are working around the area near the Biloxi Lighthouse after the discovery of human bones brought a temporary halt to infrastructure work last Friday.

The find was made during excavation required to install a 16 inch waterline along the beach front. The bones were about five feet underground near an area where the remains of early French settlers have been uncovered in the past.

The state Department of Archives and History was notified. The Harrison County Coroner’s Office supervised the removal of the bones. Vincent Creel with the City of Biloxi Public Affairs said, “You’re looking at an area where we’re not really surprised that we came across this find. If you look back in the history of Biloxi, pretty much everywhere you go digging, there’s a chance you will unearth an ancient burial ground. We ran into the issue in 1969 after Hurricane Camille at the Joe Moran Art Studio which is right near the Biloxi Visitor’s Center.”

The state’s archives and history department is in the process of deciding if work can continue near that site. The coroner will now determine where the remains will go.

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