Infinity Science Center Launches New Program

What do firefighters, police officers and astronauts have in common? What they wear helps keep them alive! Suited to the Extreme is Infinity Science Center’s newest exhibit. Suited to the Extreme is set to blast off next week. From battling fires or exploring Outer Space, the exhibit will show how suits help those wearing them survive extreme conditions.
John Wilson, the executive director of Infinity Science Center, said, “In space, one side of you heats up to 500 degrees while the other side in the shadows is minus 150. There is absolutely no air to breathe, so your suit has to overcome those challenges.”
The exhibit will provide fun ways to teach children about space. “During each week, we’re going to feature a “Wear it Wednesday” and that’s a time when an expert will come and talk about the suit and the environment from which it protects. And also kids will have a chance to draw items out of a trunk and put them on,” said Wilson.

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