Increase in Gun Sales

In the aftermath of the recent shootings, gun sales are on the rise according to a local pawn shop.
Jay-Jay’s Pawn Shop on Highway 49 in Gulfport tells News 25 during the last couple months they’ve seen a lot more people buying guns.
Employees at the shop say this is probably because of all the local and national violence. The pawn shop says they just finished making two gun sales right before News 25 came in. Jimmy Randall with Jay Jay’s Pawn Shop said, “Well, there’s been so many shootings here lately. They’ve just been scared. People have been buying firearms. Really, it’s not the gun that’s bad it’s the people behind the gun. It gives them security to know that they have protection at home.”
Randell also says handguns seem to be their most popular seller, closely behind AK-47s.
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