Inaugural Thanksgiving Day ‘Otter Trotter’ Mississippi Aquarium 5K

The Mississippi Aquarium had their inaugural Otter Trotter kickoff Thursday morning. It’s a Thanksgiving 5K that could become your family’s new Thanksgiving tradition.

Over 100 runners ran to Mississippi Aquarium for their Thanksgiving Day 5k. “Get that extra slice of pumpkin pie.”

For some trotters, this race was a self-test of what they’re capable of. Participant Jeffrey Windham said, “Show myself that I can do it. Since I’ve been trying to work on running more. I’m also a member of the Mississippi Aquarium.”

For others this unveiled a hidden talent. The winner of the Otter Trotter didn’t even know he was running until the morning of. Winner Jack Hewes said, “Woke up this morning and dad says we’re going to a race.”

Hewes had never even run a 5K before, but secured victory as he crossed the finish line. As for his future running career: “It’s tiring, but I might probably run cross country.”

What’s more impressive than someone who has never raced in a 5K before winning? Could it be his 91-year-old competition Martha Brown? “I have two daughters visiting me. One from Tennessee, one from Texas. I saw this advertisement and I said ‘ladies, let’s do it.”

As Martha Brown crossed the finish line with her two daughters the crowd was roaring. She plans on returning next year. As for beating her 5K time this year. “I double that, but I will cross the finish line.”

Mississippi Aquarium staff couldn’t help but cheer on their trotters. Digital and Media Marketing Manager Collin Caranna said, “We are so thrilled and impressed by the community turnout today. It was a great turnout.”

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