Inaugural Robotics Camp at West Harrison High

Robots and engineers in the making were at West Harrison High School this morning for their first ever Robotics Camp.

This week and next, students from around the district have the chance to attend the free camp, all in hopes of getting excited about STEM.

The sixth through eighth graders each had to build their own robots and it’s more complicated than it looks! They program the robots to sense a black or white line depending on the obstacle. The students are all in a friendly competition to see who will get the fastest time.

If something is wrong with the robot’s performance, it’s back to the drawing board. Lizana Elementary student Logan Woodard said, “If you make the robot go too fast on the line, it takes the turns, it backs up, and when it backs up it will tip and stuff.”

Harrison County School District Consultant Warren Nance said, “The nice thing about robots is kids as you can see, kids love action. They love to see things moving. So you can try to lecture to them and teach them these subjects, but when you have a hands-on experience they seem to learn way faster.”

Nance says there’s a shortage of STEM skills in the United States so he hopes this camp will inspire the youth to pursue careers in the field.

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