Improving Childbirth Rally

Today, mothers across the nation joined forces to deliver a message and promote awareness on improving childbirth throughout America. News 25 spoke with some of the mothers at the rally in Gulfport to hear their mission.
Motherhood is a major life event and with it comes a lot of responsibility. Today, local mothers gathered in Gulfport hoping to help arm mothers-to-be with encouragement and knowledge before welcoming their bundles of joy into the world. “I would just like to tell women to do some research like we research everything, our cars we buy, our wedding, and the houses. Childbirth is a really huge milestone and we need to research that, too. You need to look into your provider and your support and make sure that you’re gonna have people around you that’s gonna rally for you,” said Lindsay Seals, a volunteer for Doula.
Mississippi has one of the highest childbirth mortality rates in the nation, coming in at 47th for live births. Women at today’s rally hope to deliver a message nationwide that women can and do have a voice when it comes to childbirth and well-being and they should be heard. Bianca Wooden, owner of Better Beginning Childbirth Education, said, “In infant mortality and maternal mortality, Mississippi is among the worst in the county for both. You know that’s a fact, it’s reported by the Department of Health and you can get those statistics there. It’s important we improve that. So one way is by mothers educating themselves.”
Women all across the United States feel as through their voice isn’t being heard when it comes to child birth. Gulf Coast Doula has rallied at Jones Park to tell them that they do. “It wasn’t a bad experience but I didn’t feel like I was involved in the birth of my child. I just felt like they kinda went “here ya go. here’s your baby.” And so, it really ignited a passion in me to look at what can we do differently. What we can do to have women have satisfying birth experiences,” said Natasha Woodward, a Doula volunteer.
Rally organizers say they planned the nationwide event today because the Labor Day holiday is a fitting time for their cause.

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