Importance of sticking with New Year’s goals as fitness resolutions return

With the New Year comes some New Year’s resolutions and what better resolution than getting back in the gym?

While making the vow is easy, sticking with it is the tricky part. According to a recent study by Discovery Healthy Habits, 46 percent of people who make resolutions are still successful in keeping it after six months.

However, Gulfport Planet Fitness Manager Beth Hunter says the key for sticking to your fitness resolution is finding a comfortable and safe environment to work on your goals as well as keeping a positive mindset each day you go in. “Consistency is very important, but it helps when you have a place that’s very comfortable and non-intimidating to come to. You know, we’re home of the judgment free zone, so that means anyone coming through our doors is going to find a safe, clean environment that’s comfortable and not intimidating and that really helps people feel really comfortable being here at Planet Fitness.”

Some gyms, including Planet Fitness, offer New Year’s promotions as well to help start your new fitness journey.

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