IMMS and MSU veterinarians work to save dolphin

So far, so good but researchers and care takers at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, as well as workers with Mississippi State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine have their hands full caring for a young male dolphin they rescued Sunday.

This young dolphin fell into the right hands and has a second lease on life thanks to good Samaritan’s who called the IMMS Sunday morning to report the young juvenile male dolphin appeared to be struggling in the shallow waters of the Mississippi Sound in Gulfport.

Once here at the Gulfport facility, workers with the IMMS and MSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine did blood work and diagnostics to assess the state of his condition. His care spilled over in to Monday. Clinical Instructor and Veterinarian at MSU College of Veterinary Medicine Christa Barrett said, “He’s still not strong enough to keep himself up, so we have had people in the water here 24-7, and staff here 24-7 with him, to make sure he is able to breathe. Right now, we have Theresa in the water to make sure he is able to breathe. We gave him a combination of some milk, vitamins and things like that to help keep up with his nutritional status.”

His mother was nowhere to be found. He does not appear to yet be weaned, but fortunately for this little guy, he’s now in capable hands and it’s not sink or swim time just yet. “He’s still in very critical condition, but we’re doing everything we can. We also have a great faculty staff at Mississippi State University in case we need any specialists to weigh in on the case as well.”

As in this case, the IMMS asks anyone who sees a stranded dolphin or sea turtle to contact them as soon as possible. IMMS Director Dr. Moby Solangi said, “Stranding season is coming up. It’s very important if people see a sick or injured dolphin to call IMMS at 888-SOS-DOLPHIN.”

In the meantime, this dolphin will continue to receive critical and supportive care to get him to swim on his own again and hopefully be released back into the Mississippi Sound.

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