Hyperbaric care for patients

Steve Hayes recently had his leg amputated and when his wounds wouldn’t heal; his doctor suggested he try the hyperbaric chamber.
“The wounds weren’t healing well, so my doctor recommended hyperbarics in wound care. I’ve had 20 dives and it’s greatly improved my healing time,” said Hayes.
Hayes is one of more than 45 hundred patients who have used the hyperbaric chambers at Singing River and Ocean Springs hospitals. Patients enter the chamber for two hours in what doctors call a “dive”, which treats a variety of problems from ulcers to burns, as well as carbon monoxide poisoning and soft tissue infections.
Dr. David Spencer said, “It’s a chamber where a patient is actually enclosed in it, we increase the pressure inside, but they happen to be in 100% oxygen and we can really run the oxygen of the fluids in the body up to a fairly high level and it helps us disperse oxygen to wounds that have difficulty healing”.
Patients lie on a bed and enter the chamber. Doctors say after about 40 sessions, they see dramatic results.
For Hayes, these dives have allowed him to heal in a fraction of the time it would have taken otherwise. With what doctors call a high success rate, the hyperbaric chamber could be an answered prayer for many suffering from slow healing wounds.

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