Hyde-Smith faces criticism over comment

Mississippi Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith facing criticism for joking about attending a hanging in an online video.

The video was posted to Twitter Sunday. It shows Senator Hyde-Smith surrounded by a crowd holding her campaign signs. It supposedly takes place after a cattle rancher praises her.

Hyde-Smith says that if a rancher invited her to a public hanging she would “be on the front row.” The comment drew some laughs at the time, but gained immediate backlash on social media.

Hyde-Smith is in a runoff race against former Democratic representative Mike Espy. Monday he called her comments “disappointing.” “Those comments that we heard, that were published yesterday, are very disappointing. They’re hurtful and they’re harmful. They’re hurtful to amazing Mississippians who are a people of goodwill. They’re harmful because they tend to reinforce the stereotypes that have held back our state for so long and that have cost us jobs that have harmed the economy.”

Hyde-Smith has issued a statement about the controversy. In it, she says her comments referred to “accepting an invitation to a speaking engagement” and that’s where she “used an exaggerated expression of regard.”

The senator goes on to say “any attempt to turn this into a negative connotation is ridiculous.”

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